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Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Our dedicated and caring staff consists of many experienced teachers and support staff as well as others new to the educational professions who provide enthusiasm and fresh new ideas. The Ellsworth staff stresses growth, individual responsibility, and problem solving in a collaborative effort among students, parents, educators, and the community.

Administration and Front Office

Name     Email Ext.
Santa Dunker Principal Send E-mail 3527
Josie Carpenter Admin Assistant Send E-mail  3525
Delia Buckentin Attendance/Registrar Send E-mail  1502
Amber Austin Health Office Send E-mail 3523
Elfida Telles Counselor Send E-mail  3528


Name     Email
Heather Fox Kinder Prep Send E-mail
Jennifer Daniel Young Coyotes Send E-Mail
    Combs Kidz  


Name     Email
Angela  Lopez Kinder Send E-mail
Karen Berkey Kinder Send E-mail
Janelle Hall Kinder-PM Send E-mail
Jessica Heartz Kinder-AM Send E-mail
Jennifer McGuire Kinder  Send E-Mail

First Grade

Name     Email
Carrie Eckhoff 1st Send E-mail
Mellisa Johnson 1st Send E-mail
Rachael Schweickert 1st Send E-mail

Second Grade

Name     Email
Stephanie Cook 2nd Send E-mail
Bridget Lopez 2nd Send E-mail
Alexis Bonenberger 2nd Send E-mail

Third Grade

Name     Email
Jessica Gerold 3rd Send E-mail
 Christopher Breyfogle 3rd Send E-mail
Carrie McClure 3rd Send E-mail

Fourth Grade

Name     Email
Jamie Devriese 4th Send E-mail
Kelly Bond 4th/5th Send E-mail
Linda Shively 4th Send E-mail

Fifth Grade

Name     Email
Andrea Finau 5th Send E-mail
Kelly Bond 4th/5th Send E-mail
 Michelle  Alvillar 5th Send E-mail

Sixth Grade

Name     Email
Christina  Fezatte 6th Send E-Mail
Melissa Canton 6th Send E-mail
 Alexandra Velazquez 6th Send E-mail

Structured Classes

Name   Position Email
Kay Strebe ALS Send E-mail
 Brett Darling ALS Send E-mail
Heidi   Knoblock ALS Send E-mail


Name   Position Email
 Daniel Velazquez PE Send E-mail
Guido Lavorata Orchestra Send E-mail
 Anthony Johnny Band, 1&2 Music Send E-mail
Suzana Battaglia Technology Send E-mail
Patricia Simpson Music Grds 3&4 Send E-mail

Instructional Support

Name   Position Email
Amanda Stevens SLP ALS  Send E-mail
Melissa Deagostino Resource 4-6 Send E-mail
Christine Murphy Math Coach  Send E-mail
 Meredith Brennan Speech Send E-mail
 Tanya Besaw Resource K-3 Send E-mail
 Brendan Stynes Prog Specialist Send E-mail
Phillip Debons Psychologist Send E-mail
Lhea Carbajal Title 1 Rdg Specialist Send E-mail
Nancy Allen OT Send E-mail
Brenda Septer PT Send E-mail

Paraprofessionals and Support Staff

Lena  Moody Para-Pro ALS   
Grant Kukuk Resource Para-Pro   
Cheryl Campton Para-Pro ALS   
 Aleah Spalding Title-1 Para-Pro   
Jamie Shute Para-Pro ALS  
    Resource Para Pro Send E-mail
Erin McKown ParaPro ALS  
 Annie Petersen ParaPro ALS  
Flor Lara ParaPro ALS  
Julian Ruiz Para Pro ALS Send E-mail
Linda Gray Resource Para Pro Send E-mail
Lora Rael Media Center Send E-mail
Peggy Carter Para Pro ALS Send E-mail
Patricia Roy Title III Para/Crossing Send E-mail
Rose Rotsheld Resource Para Pro K-3   Send E-mail
 Debra  Peterson LPN 1-1 Send E-maill
Vanita Harris Noon Aide  
Heather Martinez Noon Aide  
Colleen Wood Noon Aide   

Food Service and Custodians

Name     E-mail Ext.
Aurelia Aguayo Custodian Send E-mail 1563
Richard Cassillo Lead Custodian Send E-mail 1563
Jose Sanchez Night Custodian  Send E-mail 1563
Sharon Richards P/T Custodian   1563
Jan Bowser Kitchen Manager  Send E-mail 3524
Nina Balestreri Cook   3524
Mattie Aguilar Food Service   3524