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Eagles on the Fly Club

 Mr & Mrs. Velazquez - Sponsors 

Students will meet once a month before school to plan and create events. Students will also meet during recess hours to make posters and flyers.

Program will run from Sept-April.


The following is the list of students that will represent the Eagles on the Fly:

Sonora Perez-Lauren McDonald-JJ Villapando- Anita Tymrak- Nyla Figueroa-Jasmine Boling-Chloe Mullins
Gabriela Archuleta-Caroleena Zimmerman-Janell Vasquez-Jamieson Garrett-Lillie Van de grift-Isabella perez-
Jordynn Harris-Aliyah Meyer-Alaissa Mora-
Liliana Wiers-
Phoenix Reeves
Melissa Gonzalez-
Kailee Lujan-
Alessia Velazquez
Maddison Lopez-
Ana Lujan-
Peyton roy-
Rydlie Fox-
Kayliana Wells-
Eliana Brown-
Maddison Caldwell-
Tucker Johnson-
Gael Jimenez
Eagles on the Fly Ice Skating Event - more to follow!
Date - December 14th, 2018