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Great Kindness Challenge - January 27th thru January 31st

We are excited to announce that we are participating in The 2020 Great Kindness Challenge where we will join thousands of schools across the country to create a culture of kindness.
During the week of January 27th-31st, your child will be part of a powerful and positive bullying prevention initiative that will lead to more kindness, unity and respect at school and beyond.
Your son or daughter will be challenged to perform as many kind deeds as they can in one week by using The Great Kindness Challenge Checklist, participating in school-wide cooperation of daily discussions, media presentation and other various activities.

Ellsworth Career Fair Day - February 21st

Once again, it is time to put our annual call to the community for your help in participating in the Ellsworth Career Expo. For those who are unfamiliar, the fair is a yearly event in which our parents and members of the community bring their careers and trades into the classroom. In the past, the Career Expo has been met with enthusiasm by the students and teachers and is one of our most anticipated events.
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