Ellsworth - Kindness Week 11/9-11/13

Monday: Be Kind from Head to Toe
-Students and staff can dress up with silly socks and silly masks/nose and mouth coverings for the
-Each classroom will make a flipgrid that will thank the veterans for their service for our country.
This will be shown on Veterans Day via social media.

Tuesday: Use Kindness to Shoot for the Stars
-Students and staff will dress up in their favorite college shirt or as their ideal career. Please be
advised that the Ellsworth dress code will still be enforced.
-Kindness bulletin: students will write a short message about what kindness means to them, which
will be displayed as a bubble on our kindness bulletin board.

Wednesday: OFF DAY

Thursday: Watch for Kindness
-Students and staff can wear an outfit or a mask that has their favorite movie, book, or TV show on
-Send a “kind-o-gram”- students will be able to send others a kind message with a lollipop for

Friday: Ellsworth Eagles are the Kindest Around

Students and staff can dress up in their school colors (red, white, and blue).

“Kind-o-grams” will be sent out. We will also announce the winning classroom for our food drive. The
winning classroom will receive a pizza party on Friday, November 20th.