Summary Reports for "Return to School" Survey

Dear Combs Community, 

As you know, our District Leadership has been working diligently to establish a comprehensive Pandemic Response Plan that will guide decisions and processes as we enter the new school year. We are on track to release this comprehensive document to the public on June 30, following an internal review by several internal stakeholders as well as the Governing Board.

A critical component of this process has been the distribution of a survey to families to collect honest feedback on the previous closure, as well as the comfort level and desired precautions so that families may feel safe returning to school. This survey was conducted from May 28, 2020 through June 5, 2020, and shared with families via email, phone calls, text messages, social media, and the website. 

In anticipation of the Pandemic Response Plan release, and to ensure transparency with our Combs Community, we are sharing the summary report of the survey so that families may review the data and trends that have been instrumental in our development of these guidelines.

We thank you for your ongoing patience and support as we continue to navigate these ever evolving times together, and look forward to welcoming our students back for 2020-2021!


Dr. Gregory A. Wyman