Update on Custodial Services

Several members of our Combs Community have expressed concerns about a possible outsourcing of custodial services for the upcoming year. Transparency and accuracy of information are important values to the J.O. Combs Unified School District, and we strive to ensure our employees as well as stakeholders are informed as well as heard.
It is important to note that there have been several errors in the statements shared regarding the potential shift to an outside custodial agency. These include inaccurate information regarding the BBB rating for the company, unfounded concerns regarding shift changes and quality of cleanliness, and errors related to reduced compensation and the lack of job security for employees as they transition to this new employer.
One of the positive benefits to the proposed transition was the allowance for significant cost savings, a benefit that translates to additional funds that may be used to support students, teachers, and schools, and other direct needs. The ability to maintain our current custodial workforce and same level of quality service was always a priority that was included in the proposed agreement. 
The decision for outsourcing in no way was intended to devalue the significant contributions of our custodial staff, but rather a decision to help maximize resources during challenging economic times.  The proposed company has an A+ rating on the BBB website and a proven track record of positive relationships with school districts throughout the state and country. We believe that an agreement with this company could help ensure increased available resources to address the additional cleanliness needs expressed in our recent COVID-19 community survey.
Due to the volume of concern expressed by our community, we will be tabling the proposal and impending Governing Board vote for at least one year. This will allow the District and community to engage in additional meaningful conversation regarding best practices for District operations, as well as ensure proper alignment with fiscal year contracts and budgeting.